Conditions Helped with Reflexology:
Reflexology in Australia is widely accepted in many clinics, hospitals and age care facilities, sporting organisations and corporate sector, as it is such a non-invasive form of healing and complements other modalities. It can help with a wide variety of conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, muscular and skeletal problems, digestive disorders, respiratory conditions and reproduction imbalance.


About the Session:
All reflexology sessions use powder, cream and therapeutic essential oils catering to the needs of the client; an option of using a lavender eye pillow is offered as well as calming background music.  You are only required to take your shoes and socks off for the sessions. There is a massage table or a reclining reflexology chair available for your comfort.  First consultation will have your health history taken so a health plan can be tailored for your needs.


First Visit - 70 min - $85

60 min - $75

Relax, unwind and enjoy an aromatherapy foot bath with reflexology, followed by foot reflexology and the option of hand or face reflexology. Auriculotherapy (reflex points on the ear) if required.


90 min - $115

‘An indulgent way to better health’. Pamper yourself and unwind to total bliss, starting with a reflexology foot bath with therapeutic essential oils. Foot, hands and face reflexology with scented oils and cream. Auriculotherapy (reflex points on the ear) if required.


Let your holistic healthcare practitioner guide you through your journey to health and happiness.