Nerve Reflexology Workshop in Copenhagen

Recently back from Copenhagen, Denmark, where I attended an international workshop on Nerve Reflexology - Lumbar, sacral, pelvic area and legs.  It was a fascinating look into the nervous system.

Some of the study involved the innervations of the spinal nerves and the Autonomic Nervous System, which consists of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous systems. I also learnt about the Peripheral and Central nervous systems, giving great insight to the incredible complex makeup of the human body. Discovering how we can relate this to the feet through reflexology. Nerve Reflexology points are located on the periosteum of foot skeleton. Applied pressure to these points will help determine what needs treating.

I have come away from this workshop with some useful tips on assessing lower back and hip problems too.  Especially useful are the ones for the Piriformis muscle, Psoas major muscle and Sciatic nerve, as back and hip pain can be a result of these muscles and nerve being compromised.