Racing Carnival Hangover Tips

Spring racing carnival time! We all know what that means – for the girls, especially if it’s windy, the stress of the dress and the combat of the hat! 

The boys don’t get off either at this time, apart from feeling constricted in a suit, for both genders there ‘could be’ a few too many frothies and chardonnays. 

With all that going on, reflexology has a huge effect on relaxing the body when there is stress and anxiety and also helps to restore the immune system. 

Naturally, I have some reflex points that could help you out of a pickle!  I will be focusing on detoxifying the liver and flushing out those kidneys.

One of the jobs for the liver is metabolising alcohol from the blood, while the kidneys assist in filtration and absorption. 

Below is a picture of the right hand where you will see the liver reflex, apply pressure to this point with your thumb, finger or knuckle and work it for a couple of minutes throughout the day until symptoms subside. 

You might find that it is tender, that’s ok as the liver is working just that little bit harder!  

On both hands you will see the kidney reflexes. Again, work this reflex the same as the liver and it too could be tender.

In the hollow in front of the ears is the tranquillising point in auriculotherapy (reflex points on the ears), massage this point for calming the body. Also, remembering to stay hydrated will help the kidneys do their job. 

Reflexology is a simple, safe and effective way to better health. Working the whole body through the feet, hands or ears and paying particular attention to any imbalances found will benefit you greatly.