Nerve Reflexology Workshop in Copenhagen

Recently back from Copenhagen, Denmark, where I attended an international workshop on Nerve Reflexology - Lumbar, sacral, pelvic area and legs.  It was a fascinating look into the nervous system.

Some of the study involved the innervations of the spinal nerves and the Autonomic Nervous System, which consists of the Sympathetic and Parasympathetic nervous systems. I also learnt about the Peripheral and Central nervous systems, giving great insight to the incredible complex makeup of the human body. Discovering how we can relate this to the feet through reflexology. Nerve Reflexology points are located on the periosteum of foot skeleton. Applied pressure to these points will help determine what needs treating.

I have come away from this workshop with some useful tips on assessing lower back and hip problems too.  Especially useful are the ones for the Piriformis muscle, Psoas major muscle and Sciatic nerve, as back and hip pain can be a result of these muscles and nerve being compromised.

Neck and Shoulder Problems

Dear old blind Bertha, having a feast in the vege patch. Easy pickings for her!

Dear old blind Bertha, having a feast in the vege patch. Easy pickings for her!

Hands up who have had neck and shoulder issues? I’m sure just about everyone’s hands are up. They are probably the most used parts of the body, as we tend to be mostly sitting but still using and abusing our upper spine with bad posture; twisting and turning, putting too much tension on those neck muscles.

I have some excellent reflexology points to make life that little bit easier. They are my best back-up plan; wouldn’t leave home without it! It settles my shoulder and neck areas quickly, when I’m feeling tired and sore from working either in the clinic or running after my chickens in the garden!

Shown below in the diagram are effective reflex points on the ears for the neck and shoulder areas.

Place your thumb just above the lobe on the cartilage and index finger behind the ear to support thumb. Rub and squeeze this point. It will become tender but keep working it for a couple of minutes or until you get relief.

It is very effective at settling down spasms or tension and the pain that comes with that. Make sure you do both ears, as if one side has the imbalance the other side will be working overtime to compensate.

The other point is on the hands. Shown in the diagram is the shoulder reflex area. Place thumb on palm side in between the little finger and ring finger. With the index finger supporting on the other side, rub and squeeze this area for a couple of minutes or until you get relief. It could feel tender or even grisly.

Your neck reflex is at the base of your thumb, palm side. Use your other thumb or fingers and rub and hold this point for a couple of minutes, or whenever you remember, until you get relief.

These are just some techniques that can help with resolving imbalances. In the world of reflexology, we have to look at the bigger picture and work with other methods and reflex points to strive for a pain and tension free outcome for the client.

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Racing Carnival Hangover Tips

Spring racing carnival time! We all know what that means – for the girls, especially if it’s windy, the stress of the dress and the combat of the hat! 

The boys don’t get off either at this time, apart from feeling constricted in a suit, for both genders there ‘could be’ a few too many frothies and chardonnays. 

With all that going on, reflexology has a huge effect on relaxing the body when there is stress and anxiety and also helps to restore the immune system. 

Naturally, I have some reflex points that could help you out of a pickle!  I will be focusing on detoxifying the liver and flushing out those kidneys.

One of the jobs for the liver is metabolising alcohol from the blood, while the kidneys assist in filtration and absorption. 

Below is a picture of the right hand where you will see the liver reflex, apply pressure to this point with your thumb, finger or knuckle and work it for a couple of minutes throughout the day until symptoms subside. 

You might find that it is tender, that’s ok as the liver is working just that little bit harder!  

On both hands you will see the kidney reflexes. Again, work this reflex the same as the liver and it too could be tender.

In the hollow in front of the ears is the tranquillising point in auriculotherapy (reflex points on the ears), massage this point for calming the body. Also, remembering to stay hydrated will help the kidneys do their job. 

Reflexology is a simple, safe and effective way to better health. Working the whole body through the feet, hands or ears and paying particular attention to any imbalances found will benefit you greatly.


Hayfever & Allergy Tips

Well, we are right in the thick of it now…Spring has truly sprung.  As if it’s not bad enough for hay fever sufferers with having all the pollen in the air, we have to contend with gail force winds too, just to make sure if you were trying to avoid the season it will find you. And if you’re a gardener like me, the blossoms only lasted a week in Lilydale. So sad.

This month I have some very effective tips to help relieve some of the symptoms that come with hay fever; the dreaded sneezing and runny nose.  These tips can also help with sinusitis and common cold as well.

We will be working with the ears!  Yes, there are many reflex points on the ears. In fact, the Chinese have found 200 of them.  It is like a mini body.  I find working on the ears very effective for all upper body related issues, as it is so close to the source of the discomfort.  These techniques I use are called Auriculotherapy. 

Getting to know your ear – Below is a picture with the zones to work.

We will be working the tragus.  Apply pressure to the inside of the tragus towards the top. This is the inner nose point. Use the corner of your fingernail and work the point for a couple of minutes or until you notice mucus clearing or you’ve stopped sneezing.  It will feel tender and that can increase while you work the point. That’s ok. You know you have the right spot then!  

If it is allergy related, then working on the upper helix point under the rim. This is the allergy point. Work this with your thumb, like you’re squeezing the point for a couple of minutes. These points can be worked as often as you can to relieve your hay fever. 

I hope you can get some relief of these symptoms. There are many other reflex points that can help and also build up the immune system. A full treatment can make you feel light on your feet and lighter in your head…especially for this season! Put a spring back in your step!

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